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People, Process, Product

 Who do you trust with your appraisal review products?

The market is constantly changing and ClickAppraiser has met the needs of our clients by developing a suite of review products called R I S K. (Residential Investment Security Check)

ClickAppraiser unites three key elements - people, process, and product - to create an appraisal review system that sets the new standard.

OUR PEOPLE: The Review Group at ClickAppraiser is comprised of senior appraisers, savvy to their markets, experienced in their field, and highly trained to be the best.

OUR PROCESS: Meeting customer needs and redefining service. We adapt the appraisal to match our client's acceptable variances for value, use methods that ensure accuracy and quality, and can also incorporate USPAP compliance if desired.

OUR PRODUCT: YOU define the Product. Every company we work with is different, thus we customize our final product to fit our client's needs, and achieve seamless integration with their systems. Your best interests are our best efforts.  

Residential Appraisals
Serving CA,ID, UT, CO, HI, NV, AZ, WA, AND OR

Commercial Appraisals
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